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Full text of "Deed, David and Silas Billings to Perez Morton, 1802"

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To all People to whom thefe Prefents fhall come : Greeting. 

KNOW YE THAT '/^ ,^S ^ ^^ ^,^ ' ' X ^ .-^ '^ 

For and in confideration of the Sum of y^^-yy^^ -i^e-^tira^r i ^ 

current Money of the Coninionwealth aforefaid, to ^^^ ^ in Hand, paid before 

theenfealingher^f,by ^^ ^//^.^^ ^ ^^^ ^., J^ ^._,^^ 

the receipt whereof ''*^'^ do hereby acknowleqge and /^^r-r^^ 

fully fatisfied, contented, and#paid, HAVE given, granted, bargained, fo$, aliened, releafed, con ■ 
veyed and confirmed and byjthefe Prefents, do freely, clearly and abfolutjely give, grant, bargain, 

fell, aliene, releafe, convey aid confirm, unto 

^i* rr^ 

the faid 
Hjeirs and Afligns forever, 

'^ ir^.r^,< -^y^^^^ 


-'^ JO'^f'tS^'^^'C^y' 

f-i^e^fya yW^z-f^jf,^ frr jr/^e- ^/"er^ fip-^r^f f^r j^, ^^rO- ^-^^^^^y'P^,^^, 

^P^^'.fne? ,5^^ 




TO HAVE* AND- TO HOLD the before granted Premifes^witLthe Appurtenances and 
Privileges thereto belonging, to A^^^ the faid f-''^,vv, i^/y^^y /ir>-fy 


Heirs and Affigns : To /w V and y^«r > 

Behoof forevermore, An(f ^"f^ the faid ^.»^y ^*^ 

^^ own proper Ufe, Benefit and 

i^p^ >''0^<i^>^^»s*^ '^^y' 

Heirs, Executors and Adminiftrators, do covenant, Promife and grant unto and with the faid 

xiV' . Heirs, and affigns forever. That before 

and until the enfealing herecrf" 

l-% .^r-e' 

„w-^ ^.i^.A ^..^ w...^«....- w^.v,^* ,-, - the true, fole, proper and lawful Ownen^and 

Pofleflbc^fthe before-granted Premifes, with the appurtenances. And have in ^-^-^r/f^r^ 

good Right, full Power and lawful Authority to give, grant, bargain, fell, aliene, releafe, 
convey and confirm, the fame as aforefaid ; and that free and clear, and freely and clearly execut- 
ed, acquitted and difcharged of and from all former and other Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Leafes, 
Mortgages, Wills, Intails, Joyntures, Dowries, Thirds, Executions, and Incumbrances whatfoeven 

AND FURTHERMORE, /^^^ the faid ii^^ k .^^^ d>6^^/^^f^ 
for ir^*^Af,A^.r ,^r* y Heirs, Executors and Adminiftrators, do hereby Covenant, Promife 
and Engage the before-granted Premifes, with the appurtenances, unto ^/< ^.^ the faid 

/f^'C Heirs, and Affigns forever to Warrant, Secure and Defend againft 

the lawful Claims and Demands of any perfon or peribns whatfoever. Ip Witne^-whereof 

have hereunto fet >f^t^ Hand and S^U^hisj^^^..^-^ .,v<^ ^-'- — 
in the Year of our Lord, one thoufand^wWJl. Hnnrlvrd and«iMi5t1^A^ 

\^ > r r r /n^-y* 



Signed, fealed, and delivered, in prefence of ^^Aat^ /^j/^i-H-aj 

Cry^/t-O '/-i-i-O 




^"Vt— t^o-x^